Living With Lifes Limps


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Living With Life’s Limps

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Practical wisdom that will reach both churchgoers and non-churchgoers alike – those who want more of God in their lives and those who fear they can never measure up enough to be useful in the kingdom. This simple, clear, conversational resource will reach a broad swath of readers, men and women alike, and his stories feature folks from all walks of life so readers have plenty of ways to feel known and understood.

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Living With Life’s Limps is a clear and compassionate call to step into a lifelong divine therapy plan. From the great limpers of Scripture to the primary areas of life in which our limps affect us – social, emotional, sexual, mental, and physical. Pastor Pickett walks us through how to acknowledge, understand, and take action on the wounds that leave lasting effects in our lives. Instead of praying that God would simply take them away, you will start rejoicing in your weaknesses because that is the very place where God will shine through you. Stop hoping that circumstances will change. Instead, grab hold of hope now that your life can change -God is about to use you in ways you never could have imagined.

4 reviews for Living With Lifes Limps

  1. Bishop Paul S. Morton, Sr. – Founder, Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship International

    Living With Life’s Limp, was not written as another self-help book. However, as you read each page you will discover essential keys that will help unlock the door to a better you, not a perfect you. In this book, Dr. Dwayne Pickett shares his personal experiences, practical wisdom and biblical principles. By applying these principles it will help its readers discover hidden treasures within. God made us all uniquely different on purpose. And, when we accept the glaring reality that we all have flaws and issues; this truth will set us free. I am convinced that when we confront and deal with the issues that hinder us in life and make the necessary changes, we will experience total prosperity. I applaud Dr. Pickett for his courage and transparency in writing this great book.

  2. Thom S. Rainer – President and CEO LifeWay Christian Resources

    One of the great joys of my life is to know and work with Dwayne Pickett. He is a leader. He is an innovator. He is a family man. And he is a man of God. Even more, he has an incredible story, a story that will inspire, motivate, and change your life. But his book, Living with Life’s Limps, is not just his story; it is our story as well. Read it. Apply it. And live it.

  3. Bishop Dale Carnegie Bronner – Founder/Sr. Pastor Word of Faith Family Worship Cathedral

    “Living With Life’s Limps is a book saturated in authenticity and transparency. Its honesty is encouraging. My friend, Dwayne Pickett, teaches an inspiring lesson. He helps unpack the conundrum of the duplicitous Jacob/Israel nature that lies within humanity. You’ll be encouraged to know that God still uses flawed people, despite your imperfections.”.

  4. Bishop Joseph Warren Walker, III Senior Pastor, Mount Zion Baptist Church Nashville, Tn International Presiding Bishop, Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship

    Finally, a book that challenges us to move from focusing on our inadequacies to now achieving impossibilities. Dewayne Picket has given the kingdom a masterpiece that is transparent and practical. This is a must read for every leader and I assure you that it will transform your thinking and reignite your passion for the assignment God has given you.

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