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Bishop Dr. Dwayne K. Pickett, Sr. is senior pastor of New Jerusalem Church of Jackson, MS since March 1996. Under Bishop Pickett’s godly leadership; his obedience to Christ; and his philosophy of team ministry, NJC has grown from less than 200 to more than 7000 members. God has blessed NJC to conduct multiple services at multiple locations in Jackson-Metro area. The vision employed at NJC is to minister to the needs of the whole man (mankind) to develop devoted disciples of Christ. This vision encompasses a host of ministries within the church and in collaboration with other ministries within the community, in the state, and in the global community.

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This Book Will Offer: Practical wisdom that will reach both churchgoers and non-churchgoers alike – those who want more of God in their lives and those who fear they can never measure up enough to be useful in the kingdom.

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Bishop Pickett is a dynamic Keynote Speaker, who has brought a positive message to individuals and organizations worldwide. His Goal is to help others eliminate the wounds that cause lasting effects their lives.

God is about to use you in ways you could never have imagined.

What Are People Saying About

Bishop Dr. Dwayne Pickett

Bishop Joseph Warren Walker, III

Senior Pastor, Mount Zion Baptist Church Nashville, TN
International Presiding Bishop, Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship

Finally, a book that challenges us to move from focusing on our inadequacies to now achieving impossibilities. Dwayne Pickett has given the kingdom a masterpiece that is transparent and practical. This is a must read for every leader and I assure you that it will transform your thinking and reignite your passion for the assignment God has given you.

Paul Louis Cole

President Christian Men’s Network Global

If you’re headed into a new adventure it’s vital to talk to someone who has been there before. Dwayne Pickett has been there…he’s been to hell and back – faced adversity and death and disappointment – and won the victory. In “Living With Life’s Limps” he gives us the pathway to freedom, success and fulfillment. I thank God for a man like Dr. Pickett who will be real, not give us a cute little formula, but the real stuff of life, and how to live strong. Never learn from a man who walks without a limp…the man who limps – he’s the true champion.

Thom S. Rainer

President and CEO  LifeWay Christian Resources

One of the great joys of my life is to know and work with Dwayne Pickett. He is a leader. He is an innovator. He is a family man. And he is a man of God. Even more, he has an incredible story, a story that will inspire, motivate, and change your life. But his book, Living with Life’s Limps, is not just his story; it is our story as well. Read it. Apply it. And live it.

Bishop Dale Carnegie Bronner

Founder/Sr. Pastor Word of Faith Family Worship Cathedral Atlanta, GA

“Living With Life’s Limps is a book saturated in authenticity and transparency. Its honesty is encouraging. My friend, Dwayne Pickett, teaches an inspiring lesson. He helps unpack the conundrum of the duplicitous Jacob/Israel nature that lies within humanity. You’ll be encouraged to know that God still uses flawed people, despite your imperfections

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